Dear respected Brothers and Sisters !
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh
Shahbag Jamia Madania Qasimul Uloom Madrasah and orphanage is a well known Islamic institution established 1975. which is in shahbag area of Zakiganj upazila of Sylhet district. This Qawmi Madrasah successfully runs classes for Qira’at, Hifz and an Islamic Kindergarten in a nice facilities for girls and boys. This Islamic institution provides religious education from the basic to the highest level of Takmil Fil Hadith. Shahbag Jamia also runs an orphanage which provides free education and boarding for orphand children.
Shahbag Jamia also helps the poor and needy within the area by providing basic medical needs. they frequently arrange free medical camps and eye clinics for the poor and needy peoples who otherwise will struggle to meet ther medical needs. Shahbag jamia distribute whoelchairs amongst the poor people with physical disabilities which hels them live their life inependently. They also hand out warm clothing during the Winter season so poor people can keep warm. During Eid-Al Azha Shahbag Jamia also provide Qurbani meat amongst the poor which allows the poor families to share the joy of Eid with the loved once.
Currently, Shahbag Jamia have 80 highly skilled teachers and other staffs with free residential facilities who are providing Islamic education for 2000 students of the madrasah. At this moment construction work for the orphanage building is taking place. To meet the cost of this work Shahbag Jamia are already in debt.
To run an Islamic institution like Shahbag Jamia and to provide all the above mentioned charitable services we need this year approximately £ 500 000.
We are therefore urging all Muslim brothers and sisters to help Shahbag Jamia with Lillah, Sadaqah, Zakat and other donation and gain unlimited rewards from Allah (s.w.t) in this life and the hereafter.
May Allah Accept our services towards this Islamic instituton – Ameen

Shaykh Qari Abdul Hafiz