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Shahbag Jamia Madania mainly is a non-government Islamic academy. In addition to education, it fosters orphans, runs projects for distressed and helpless people, and performs many other welfare activities. Religious and wealthy people bear the whole expense of these noble activities of Jamia. Here we are highlighting seven such areas, and urge you to stand by Jamia with your best grants.


  • 🔳 1 Orphan’s sponsorship yearly £250/-
  • 🔳 1 Orphan Hafiz’s Sponsorship for full course (3 years) £750/-
  • 🔳 1 Set Book £100/-
  • 🔳 1 Set Dress £20/-


  • 🔳 1 Muhaddith Teacher £250/-
  • 🔳 1 Hafiz Teacher £150/-
  • 🔳 1 Alim Teacher £100/-

ORPHANAGE BUILDING-2 (Under Construction)

  • 🔳 1 Bag Cement £05/-
  • 🔳 1 Thousand Bricks £100/-
  • 🔳 1 Window £150/-
  • 🔳 1 Door £200/-


  • 🔳 The value of 1 bigha land has been estimated at £1000/-

    Shahbag Jamia needs to have a steady source of income for the overall academic expenditure, as Jamia authorities and well-wishers think. As part of this plan, a farm with 300 bigha land for Jamia is under purchase. (1 bigha is equal to ⅓ acre.) We urge you to contribute to this grand plan to brighten the future of Jamia by donating the cost of one bigha of land. The value of 1 bigha land has been estimated at £ 1000. Along with the farm, some shop-houses are also being built in the local market as Jamia’s steady income source. The cost of building each shop is around £ 2,500. You can also donate your best to this project.

  • The cost of building each shop is around £2,500/-


  • 🔳 The cost of Iftar per capita is estimated at £0.25/-

    A Special teaching course of the noble Quran starts in Shahbag Jamia during the holy month of Ramazan. Religious lectures and open iftar Mahfils are held everyday on this occasion. Hundreds of people, regardless of the rich or the poor, attend it to hear religious advises and to take Iftar with a big Jamaat. Since offering Iftar to Muslims is a great virtue, many people from home and abroad participate financially in this project. The cost of Iftar per capita is estimated at 25 pennies. As a result, the budget of Iftar for 1,000 people is 250 pounds. You’re welcome to participate in this virtuous project with an amount of your choice.

  • 🔳 to felicitate 1000 people with Iftar £250/-


  • 🔳 1 Cow £420/-
  • 🔳 1⁄7 of a cow £60/-
  • 🔳 1 Goat £80/-


  • 🔳 For 1 Orphan/ Widow/ Poor/ Helpless/ Miserable £30/-
  • 🔳 Rice, pulse, oil, onion, spices £20/-

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