Administrative Bodies There are 3 main administrative bodies: 1. Majlis-i-Shura, 2. Majlis-i-Amilah and 3. Ihtimam.   Majlis-i-Shura This is the highest authority to run the madrasah. It has the supreme power over all departments of Jamia and decisions of this council are considered final. Majlis-i-Amilah The responsibility of this council is to implement the decisions taken by …

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Curriculum The curriculum of Shahbag Jamia is divided into the five following branches: 1. General Branch, 2. Girls’ Branch, 3. Hifz (Quran memorizing) Branch, 4. Kindergarten and 5. Qira’at (Phonetics of the Holy Quran). Traditionally all Qaumi Madrasah in the Himalayan sub-continent follow a syllabus named ‘Dars-i Nizami’, which was formed in the seventeenth century. …

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Admission Rules Deadline: The deadline for admission to Shahbag Jamia Madania is 11 shawwal to 20 shawwal of Hijri years. However, this deadline is expandable considering that no student should be deprived of the scope of Islamic education.   Required Documents: Each student wishing to admit must submit the following documents along with his/her application: …

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