Shahbag Jamia Madania Qasimul Uloom Orphanage

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A Brief Introduction

This is an exceptional education-based orphanage in Bangladesh—located at Zakiganj in Sylhet, a marginal and underprivileged area of the country. Being deprived of their childhood and basic rights such as food, cloths, shelter, education etc, the orphans and destitute children of this area were getting into a trap of child labor and going to the bad. Thus an important part of this new generation has been deviated instead of growing up into a proper man. To overcome this social crisis, Shahbag Jamia Madania Qasimul Uloom Orphanage was founded in 2007. Haji Abdullah, a neighbor of the village Mahidpur, donated 12 decimals of land for this project. The whole construction cost of the ground floor of this building was donated by Dr. Abdul Malik of the village west Mahidpur, currently an US expatriates physician. Then with the help of many philanthropists from home and abroad, a 4-storied orphanage building has already been constructed on it. Students of this orphanage are increasing as its education is of good quality and for other conveniences. Currently this institute houses about 600 orphans and destitute children, 40 of them are granted for a ‘capitation’ by Bangladesh Government. Foods, cloths, education and medication are being provided to them all by the orphanage authority free of cost. There are 46 teachers, caretakers and 6 other employees in this institute. It needs about tk. 7 million ($ 83,000) annually for the salary of employees and overall maintenance for the orphan children, which are spent from the donation made by the local affluent people and expatriates. Shahbag Jamia Orphanage, one of the big orphanages of the country, got registered with the number 1117/10 under social welfare department of Bangladesh on 11,07,2010. It is sincerely trying to nourish and bring up these children with a family-like love and care and educate them, so that they learn to stand on their own feet and can play a vital role to build up this country and society. As a non-profit and non-political institute, this orphanage has been serving poor and helpless people irrespective of faith and race.


          We hope that the financial assistance of the great-minded donors from here and abroad will be continuing to implement various projects for caring orphan children along with the socio-economic development of poor people of the area.

Jamia's Charity.....

About one million Rohingya Muslims have taken refuge in Bangladesh after being subjected to genocide and inhuman persecution in Myanmar. Shahbag Jamia Madania Orphanage has spent more than Tk. 20 crore to build hundreds of houses, Madrasah, mosques and tube wells for them. In the picture, Shahbag Jamia’s principal Qari Maulana Abdul Hafiz, Chairman of Lia relief Trust UK Dr. Shaikh Ashraf Maqdam and the head of Darul Uloom Berry UK Maulana Bilal Bawa are seen to observe the progress of these relief projects.

[:en]Shahbag Jamia's Rohingya Projects[:]

About six hundred orphans and helpless children are currently living in Shahbagh Jamia Orphanage. The present building can’t accommodate them at all. So, a new five-storey building with a capacity of two hundred children is under construction. Al-Hamdu Lillah, the lower floor has already been completed. The construction cost for each of the remaining four floors is £33000 pounds. That is why we are attracting the attention of generous donors from home and abroad.