Administrative Bodies

There are 3 main administrative bodies: 1. Majlis-i-Shura, 2. Majlis-i-Amilah and 3. Ihtimam.


This is the highest authority to run the madrasah. It has the supreme power over all departments of Jamia and decisions of this council are considered final.


The responsibility of this council is to implement the decisions taken by the Shura Council, to lead the internal affairs and to prepare proposals and plans for improving the quality of education. 


The Arabic word ‘Ihtimam’ means principalship and who does Ihtimam is callea Muhtamim. He is appointed by Shura and the director of all departments of Madrasah. In the absence of Muhtamim there is a Nayib (vice-principal) for performing his work and cooperating with the Principal.