Shahbag Jamia, A Brief Introduction

Shahbag Jamia Madania Qasimul Uloom is one of the traditional and renowned Islamic institution, a widely acclaimed orphanage and a dedicated NGO in Bangladesh. It is situated in the bank of the river Surma at the north part of Zakiganj in Sylhet district. The Madrasah started its journey in 1975 with a view to guide people to the right way by enlightening them with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Initially, only a teacher started with a few students, but now, by the grace of Almighty, thousands of students are studying in it. We remember those great people who have played a role in the establishment and development of this Madrasah since the beginning. Among them, those who have already departed from this earth, we wish for the eternal peace of their pious souls, and those are still here, we pray for them a long and happy life here and hereafter.

Characteristics of Shahbag Jamia

  • Basic Islamic Knowledge as well as modern contemporary education.
  • Supervised all time by experienced teachers in a residential environment.
  • Complete girls’ section for girls in a separated building with the advantage of completing full education in comparatively less time.
  • Various steps for mental development such as debating and essay writing training.
  • Publication of printed magazines and manuscript wall-magazine by students regularly.
  • Ensuring quality food and neat & clean environment.
  • Modern Islamic kindergarten operated in the light of child psychology.
  • Technique for memorizing the holy Quran in a short time.
  • Along with the fundamental teaching of Quran and Hadith, a modern syllabus comprising Arabic, Bengali, Urdu and English languages.
  • Vocational and computer training.
  • Continuous project management for the welfare of the poor and the oppressed people.
  • Scholarship for talented students and special facility for poor ones.
  • Attempts to build up students as qualified ‘Dayi Ila-Allah’ for the contemporary world.

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