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Though every stage of education is full free in Shahbag jamia but the student fall problem is not solved yet.The main reason is that the students are deprived from basic needs such as food,clothes and shelter.To fulfill their basic needs they are involved with different unethical child labour. For this reason, a very important part of new generation are lost & deprived from  islamic education and its value.In 2008 Shahbag Jamia Madania orphanage was established as a part of Shahbag Jamia Madania education and society welfare for remeding this crucial problem.There is two stored building in orphanage which construction is complete and usuable & third floor is under construction.At present there are about 77 orphan children are living.Their food,clothes,education, medicine and all other expenses will be beared by Madrasa authority.Moreover, It is now praised as the first madrasa in this locality and also completed its registration by society welfare ministry on the date of last 11th July , 2011.The registration number is 1117/10.Shahbag Jamia Madania is expecting help from people of all ages for the expansion, development and proper management of the orphanage infrastructure.