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There is a foundation named "Bilal Foundation" in this madrasa.It's main activities are to fulfill the basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes, education, treatment for orphan, miserable, poor and helpless people.This foundation is also seeking help from the rich people of the society for giving shelter who has not shelter, medical treatment & transport facility for sick and helpless people, bear educational expenses of children whose family are not financially solvent, distribute clothes and Eid materials to people on any occosion, supervised and taken responsibility as a guardian of orphan children until they are not grown up, establish Maktab in important region for expanding isalmic education in primary level, build Qurat center for Quran recitation accurately, distribute rickshaw, sewing machine etc to miserable people, donate money to father simulteneously who is not solvent to marry his daughter, campaign for social conciousness against dowry, built tubewell in those area which are deprived from pure drinking water, provide scholarship to islamic instituition students for encouraging research activities, encouraging young generation to establish library in rural area, donate capital to beggars for employment so that they can escape from beggaring, free traetment and specially free eye treatment for disabled people, organized different socio-cultural islamic programs, etc.This Bilal foundation is situated in Jamia and  director is principal Quari Moulana Abdul Hafiz and patronizer is Saikul Hadis Moulana Bilal Bowya who lives in Berry Madras, England. Shahbag Madania is expecting Zakat as well as any kind of donation from the people for running this foundation  successfully.