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1.Name:  Shahbag Jamia Madania Quasimol Ulom orphanage, Zakigonj,  Sylhet, Bangladesh.

2.Situation:  Post: Shahbag,Upazilla: Zakigonj, District:Sylhet,Bangladesh.
3.Establishment:  25.03.1975 A.D
4.Founder: Principal Sayak Moulana Mounuddin Chowdhury Rah (1975-1995)
5.Second principal:  Sayak Moulana Abdul Gaffar rah (1996-2002)
6.Present Principal:  Quari Moulana Abdul Hafiz
7.Management Council: Majlish-e-Sura,Majlish-e-Amela,Majlish-e-Aam,Trusty Board.
8.Education Department:  No:Five General, Tahfizul Quran,Islamic Kindergarden,Quism Al-banat,Ramadan Quran Recitation Training.
9.Other Branches and Council:  Ihtimam, ta'lAccounting,Publication,Orphanage,Computer & Internet,Fatawa,Madani Student association.
10.Genearl Education: Daros-e-Nizami (Befitting refinement & edition)
11.Education Board:  Befak Al-Madaris -Al-Arabiah, Azad dini Adara,Tanzim -Al-Madaris
12.Highest Section: Takmil Fil Hadidh (Equivalent to Masters)
13. Total Students:  About 1100
14.Total number of Charitable Residential students:  550
15.Number of Teachers:  41
16.Total number of teachers in Darul Quirat: 28
17.Number of Employees:  05
18.Quantity of Land:  About 5 acres.
19.Infrastructure:  2 first floor buildind & 4 academic building, one 5 Orphanage(till incomplete)
1 3 banat building(under construction)& one 3 Mosque(under construction)
20. Source of Income:  Financial Grants from Devout & education.......(confused)
21. Yearly Expense:  About 3,78,00,000/-(Three crore and seventy eight lak taka only),USD $4,80,252
U.S Dollar /GBP £3,87,026 Pound/ EUR €4,34,000

22.Bank Account:  Bangladesh -> Shahbag Jamia Madania Quasimul Uloom, Sonali Bank, Darga Gate Corporate Branch, Sylhet, A/C No-34104461. SWIFT : BSONBDDHDGT.

United Kingdom:  Shahbag Jamia Madania Qasimul Uloom Trust, HSBC
Bank, Sort Code : 40-21-05, A/C No. 51625608.

Number of Books in Library:  0000
Number of books in Student association Library: 0000

Contact:  Phone: 07983357324, 08801716602167
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...(Replaced with new address later)