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Shahbag Jamia Madania is one of the ancient and renowned islamic institution in Bangladesh.This islamic institution is situated in the bank of the river Surma at the north part of Zakiganj, at a charming village in Sylhet district.The madrasa started its journey in 1975 with a view to leading the human life as the Quran and Hadid. At the early stage of madrasa, there was only one teacher and a very few students were learning the Al-Quran. But by the grace of merciful, beneficent Almighty Allah acknowledge the prayers of student. Moreover, people all over the world, home as well as abroad has come forward to establish this madrasa. We wish a very peaceful life for our ex-patronizer from the bottom of heart. We also grateful to our present well wisher who has given their valuable time, talent, labour and last but not the least money for development of this educational institution. We are really thankful to them and pary to Almighty for their better lives.

Characteristics of Shahbag Jamia Madania:

  1. Basic Islamic Knowledege as well as modern contemporary education.
  2. Supervised all time by experienced teacher in a residential environment.
  3. Individual girls section for girls in seperate building and facility for teaching short courses.
  4. Various steps for mental development such as dabate and essay writing training.
  5. Initiative taken by students for journal literature & publication of wall magazine.
  6. Ensuring quality food and neat & clean environment.
  7. Islamic kindergarden for children psychology.
  8. Technique to Quran memorizing in a short time.
  9. Organized necessary syllabus for bengali,Arabic & English language and Quran Recitation.
  10. Facility for Computer training.
  11. Organized different programs for human welfare by Hazrat Bilal foundation.
  12. Scholarship for talented students and special facility for poor students.
  13. Attempt to bulid students as ilallah contemporary world.